New Construction, Madeira Beach EcoVillage homes


Madeira Beach EcoVillage New Construction
New Construction in Madeira Beach

            New Construction- Madeira Beach EcoVillage Homes    

New construction in Madeira Beach  now  includes a cutting edge, eco-friendly  community. Madeira Beach EcoVillage “Net Zero Energy” homes are available for pre-construction prices starting at $599,000.  Many of their features can be found on more expensive properties, but Greennergy homes include them all at an affordable price.

 EcoVillage Madeira Beach homes include high-efficiency Smart appliances, Hybrid water heaters and  LED lighting.  Renewable Solar technology produces all of the additional necessary energy required. Greenergy, an independent energy rating company will inspect and certify a Home Energy Rating System (HERS)  energy rating of zero  Imagine never having to pay another electric bills!

Equipped with the latest integrated home automation technology, EcoVillage homes allow the owner to control everything in the home, from the temperature to the shades remotely from a smart phone or tablet.

Each property utilizes an engineering systems approach designed to save money and insure a healthy environment for both the owner and the environment.

  • Non-toxic flooring
  • Climate and moisture control
  • UV lighting in HVAC systems
  • No VOC paints and finishes
  • Water and filtering

These are just a few of the eco-friendly features provided.

 EcoVillage “Net Zero Energy” Homes includes features that  stand up to Florida weather.

Living on Florida’s award wining gulf beaches is as close to paradise as it gets, but hurricanes are a reality.  Madeira Beach EcoVillage “Net Zero Energy” Homes include features that  stand up to Florida weather.

  • Wall systems engineered to well exceed the municipal construction codes
  • High impact glass for all doors and windows
  • Fire resistant roofing systems
  • Seamless membrane for moisture co

New Construction, Madeira Beach EcoVillage homes will consist of 7 single family homes with 2 story floor plans that can be customized with many options to meet your needs. Customizable features include:

  • Room configuration
  • Extended decks
  • Built in spa
  • Summer kitchen
  • Flooring, cabinets, countertops
  • Enclosed garage, boat storage, additional storage
  • Elevator or custom stairs
  • And more!
Joadeira Beach Floridah's Pass Village in
John’s Pass Village in Madeira Beach Florida

  Madeira Beach is one of Florida’s award winning, Gulf beaches located just west of St. Petersburg.  It’s well known for popular John’s Pass village with a  1,100 ft. intracoastal boardwalk. There you will enjoy everything from shopping, restaurants, fishing and boating to watersports and the best grouper around.







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