3 Tampa Bay Beaches Make Trip Advisor Top 25!

Water's Edge BeachTampa Bay Beaches are always on the favorite lists but this time Trip Advisor has added St. Pete Beach (#9), Caladesie Island State Park (#11), and Clearwater Beach (#21) to its 2014 Top 25 Beaches in the USA!

We pride ourselves about these pristine beaches that draw thousands of visitors to the area each year… sparkling white sand, azure sea, cool breezes – not to mention spectacular sunsets every night!  Congratulations Tampa Bay Beaches!!! No wonder sales are heating up!


The Full Moon Is AMAZING!!!

I did a little research to see why the full moon this month seemed gigantic! There is an article on http://www.weather.com/ that explains it.

They call it a “supermoon”. Because the moon’s orbit around the earth is not a perfect circle, there are times when it is at is closest and other times when it is at its farthest. The photo they used is pretty impressive to see the impact of how it looks to us. “One side of the moon’s orbit is actually roughly 31,000 miles closer to earth than on the other side of the orbit. When the moon’s orbit is the farthest away from earth, the moon is at its Apogee. When it makes its closest approach, the moon is at its Perigee.”

This month’s Perigee is actually 2% closer than the average Perigee, making it the closest positioning since 1992!!!

Pretty amazing to see here on the beach in Tampa Bay!

Living On The Beach Series – Beach News!

To say we never tire on living on the beach right here along the barrier islands of Tampa Bay is an understatement! When we first moved to the area in late 2001, we weren’t sure if “living on the beach” would be the answer for us. We had sold one business and closed another… and the tragedy of 9/11 had affected us all, leaving us ready for a change.

People had asked us, “Why would you want to live on the beach??? With all the salt and the sand… and you know, it’s just black after dark!!!” Hummm, we decided to see for ourselves and I have to say… we have never looked back! Every day, there is something different that catches our attention. We began to refer to these occurrences as BEACH NEWS and would call family or friends back home expressing the wonder of what we were seeing. Since that time, many of them have moved here themselves! This series will feature some of the amazing scenes we witness on a regular basis… which keeps our binoculars and camera close at hand!

We just uploaded a video of a full RAINBOW that started out coming out of the gulf, then as we looked in amazement… it began to open up into a full rainbow. SIMPLY AMAZING…