What To Look For In Finding Your 2nd Home!

The PURTEE Team specializes in finding second homes for out of state or international buyers. From the original inquiry, a buyer is connected with one of us to assist in a full understanding of the marketplace, the challenges of buying distressed properties… and what to look for as a part time resident.

* First, we discuss how they are going to maintain the property. With a private home there is a great deal to consider with maintenance, yard and security. For that reason, many decide a condo offers a better solution… with landscaping, building insurance and exterior maintenance included in the homeowner’s fee. Often times, with storm shutters, the condo can be secured and left highly protected during times the owner is not in residence.

* Secondly, we update our buyers about age. This is an important conversation to bring the buyer up to speed on how to understand the factors that are most important. it is also a critical piece as to why working with a realtor knowledgeable about the area is so important!

The building codes in Florida dramatically changed in 2004. At that point, frame construction was replace by solid block construction. The latest code heavier sliding glass doors with high water threshold frames combined with the new suspension cable support system between floors… and so many other key details in order to keep the newer building more secure in the possibility of a strong storm.

Therefore complexes that were completed in 2005, 2006, and 2007 reflect those changes. When the market fell off in the latter part of 2007, new construction trickled to a halt and very little new has come on the market. So we counsel our buyers to think of new as 2005-2007.

In the 1970’s and 80’s builders often used the solid block construction so many of those older builders are very solid in nature. Where they fall short is in the lack of high wind rated glass windows and sliding doors. For the most part, that has been aided by the use of newer storm shutters added to the outside of the glass for additional support and security. Some of the older buildings (like Seamark in St Pete Beach) have opted to bring the entire building up to code with its windows.

When the decision is made to purchase a beach residence… whether as a place to get away from a grueling winter, or simply as a place to kick off your shoes and feel the sand between your toes while watching dolphins swim along the coastline… there are things to consider. As your realtor of choice we are right here throughout the process – even after you return home. For that reason, we have many buyers (who have become owners) who know they can count on us when necessary.

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