New home buyers want energy efficiency

New home buyers want energy efficiency  and according to a new survey from the National Association of Home Builders (NAHB), builders are listening.   It appears that energy efficient features and closet space were more important to new home buyers than two-story foyers, outdoor kitchens and whirlpools.

 The NAHB  asked builders which features they were most likely to include or not include in newly built 2015 homes. Here are the results.

Least likely features included

  • Outdoor kitchens
  • Laminate countertops in kitchens
  • Outdoor fireplaces
  • Sunrooms
  • Two-story foyers
  • Walking/Jogging trails
  • Whirlpools
  • Carpeting as flooring on main levels

Most likely features included

  • Walk-in closets in master bedrooms
  • Laundry rooms
  • Low-e windows
  • Guest rooms
  • Energy-star rated windows
  • Programmable thermostats
  • Two-car garages
  • Granite countertops in kitchens

I must admit to being a little sad to see that whirlpools didn’t make the cut, but the energy efficient features are a perfect fit for Florida’s year round sunshiny weather. Besides, with the most beautiful gulf beaches just minutes away, who needs a whirlpool?

New home buyers want energy efficiency, but we would love to know what features our readers would consider important and which would you just assume leave out?

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Ready To Live The Florida Lifestyle? You’re Not Alone!

Enjoying The Florida LifestyleAs a trend, when the real estate market suffers vacation homes are often the first to suffer.  People tend to put off purchasing a vacation or second home when the housing market struggles.  However, when vacation homes sales begin to perk up this is a positive sign the housing market is really on a comeback and people can once again look forward to their dream of “living the Florida Lifestyle”.

According to a survey by the National Realtor Organization, vacation home sales have risen by 10.1% compared to a 2.1% decline in investment property sales and a 17.4% increase in the sale of primary homes.  The median price for vacation homes is trending upward as well, at $150,000 up from $121,300.  Interesting that the motivation behind this increase is 1) lower prices (today’s market is still a bargain compared to several years ago) @ 38%; and 2)  the desire to have a family retreat @ 28%.  A vacation homeowner plans to use the property for their own enjoyment, whereas an investment purchaser is most likely looking at potential rental income.

Many of the baby boomers set to retire soon saw plans put on hold as the economy took its toll on employment, cost of living and decline of their real estate investment value.  That doesn’t mean the dream has ended.  The last several winters have been brutally cold with seemingly a blizzard around every corner. To an aging population there is a huge interest in retiring to a warmer climate… that is where Florida has such an edge.  Here in Tampa Bay, with its easy access to international travel, a temperate climate with a myriad of outdoor activities ready for an active or quiet lifestyle, and waterfront property in abundance throughout the bay area… we are seeing the same demand. However, the inventory is at its lowest in years.

It is imperative in this newly evolving market to use a professional realtor and The PURTEE Team has three of the finest.  Let us help you locate and secure the home that will set you on your own road to living the Florida Lifestyle!

October Early Snow Sets More Northeasterners With Sights On Florida

This past weekend’s surprise snowstorm took the last of the beautiful fall colors with it. Power outages, blocked roads, treacherous driving, shoveling… SERIOUSLY? And in October???

As part of The PURTEE Team, realtors in the Tampa Bay beaches area, we do business with clients not only from around the country but around the world. We have talked to many clients in Pennsylvania, New York and Massachusetts in the last few days. With starting the snow so early this year, it has many of them looking toward “living the Florida lifestyle”.

Each of the four members of our real estate team relocated here to the Tampa Bay area years ago. We have never looked back on that decision. This area has an abundance of activities with every kind of water sport, 9 area spring training teams, major league sports, international shopping, theme parks, fine dining… and then, of course, there is the pristine white sandy coastline along the Gulf of Mexico that simply takes your breath away!!! What a novel thought to leave the cold and snow behind and instead play a round of golf, a game of tennis, sailing into the sunset, deep sea fishing… or simply a stroll on the beach!

If you are seriously considering the options of either relocating to the Tampa Bay area, or purchasing a second home here… we are the realtors for you. Scrupulously diligent in finding the right property, we won’t let you down. Whether you work with Mark, Garges, Lambdin or Kathy, you get the power and expertise of us as a team. Our website is filled with tools to help as well. Fill out your “Wish List” today and one of us will be in touch with you shortly to help identify exactly what you are looking for and how we can help you find it.