March 2015 – I’ve had a chance to look behind the scenes at how this Realtor Team works. They are quality people who strive to please their clients every step of the way and don’t hesitate to go above the call of duty.

Deborah Butler

In a tough market, when it is not the best time to be a Seller, we count on Mark and Garges Purtee and the rest of their team to go the extra distance in marketing our home and, most importantly, getting it SOLD!!!

Mary Beth Becker/Safety Harbor, Florida

If you are looking for an enjoyable and pleasant real estate experience, you won’t find anyone better than the Purtee Team. They will work with you until you are completely satisfied. You start your experience with wonderfully qualified and dedicated real estate agents and end up the great friends. We did!

Kathy & Jim Ebert, Seminole, FL

Garges Purtee and the PURTEE Team are the best people that I know for all real estate matters in Florida! Their team puts out 110% whether it is to buy or sell real estate. I have had the pleasure of being able to use them for both instances and have been totally ecstatic with their results. With all the time they put in to work for you, they still find the time to talk to you and address your needs. They are truly outstanding!

Anthony Creaco, New York

I would like to extend my thanks to Garges Purtee and her Team for an expedited and successfully completed short sale on my investment property. I contacted Garges about my being upside-down on an investment beach condo and she immediately went to work with her team. She put me in touch with her negotiator Diane Dicroce and within days we had showings and open houses. Kathy McBrayer from Team Purtee spent almost every weekend for 3 months in that condo showing it to potential buyers. Since it was a short sale time was of the essence as the bank could have refused an offer from a potential buyer. Diane and Garges worked together to make sure the bank, buyer and an additional lender had all the information they needed to get to closing. Garges even had a back-up buyer in place with “check-in-hand” should buyer #1 get cold feet. 3 months later and many e-mails, faxes and phone calls on my behalf, Garges and Diane were able to secure a bank acceptance of the buyers offer. They were also able to keep the buyer aware that banks move slowly and Garges was able to keep the buyers “in the game” until closing. I feel very blessed to have known Garges and her family for almost 10 years now. I don’t think many realtors could have done this. In fact, I know from experience many realtors could NOT have done this. This would not have happened without the team approach of a negotiator and realtor working together. Thanks Garges, Mark, Kathy and Diane!

Ted Mangano, Indian Rocks Beach, FL

We met Lambdin Freeman and the rest of The PURTEE Team when we decided to buy our first beach condo. Lambdin was there through it all! We are now working on our third purchase and it has been a very difficult short sale, taking months of negotiations, bank approvals and a whole lot of patience! Lambdin never loses her tenacity and the skills to finally get us this very special property at an amazing price! We recommend Lambdin and the team to everyone we meet!

Bruce & Chris Miller, Indiana

August 14, 2015 – It was the best of times, it was the worst of times…. or so the novel goes.  The best is of course owning an incredible condo on the Narrows in Indian Shores in Florida with unencumbered views of the Gulf and the Intercoastal Waterway. It was something we had worked our entire lives to attain.

The worst of times was having to sell the condo due to unforeseen health issues. Although I am a realtor, the emotional situation I found myself in caring for an ill spouse forced me to find another realtor.  The realtor I needed had to represent me as I would represent myself; had to have honor, integrity and know the beach. There was only one choice:  Garges Purtee. Garges and I had never worked together, nor had we ever truly even met. I only knew her by her outstanding reputation and never in all my years on the beach had I ever heard a disparaging word.

True to her commitment to me, she sold the condo in a timely fashion. It is a bittersweet accomplishment for me but a necessary one, for which I am eternally grateful.

Aleda Riley

I first met Lambdin at an open house she was hosting. She so impressed me, I kept her card and told her what we were looking for. She never stopped looking until she found exactly what we wanted. We love our condo, and she and her team have continued to help us even with vacation rentals for our condo, insurance recommendations and more. We are still in the market, and she regularly alerts us to properties she thinks might interest us. I highly recommend her and the entire Purtee team. But,I must confess, we will always have a special place in our heart for Lambdin!!!

Janet & Marshall Gilliam, Harrogate TN

My wife and I planned a short vacation to the Clearwater Florida area 2 years ago. We planned on staying at our good friend’s Time Share. Nobody had any intentions of buying property. I thought it would be fun to just look at a couple condos while we were there. So I went on the Internet to search for a Realtor to show us around. I kept looking and I kept seeing The Purtee Team on quite a few properties. So I picked up the phone and called. I explained to them from the start that we were coming from Indiana and would like them to show us a few condos. The rest is history. They were very informative and not pushy at all. Our good friends ended up buying a condo. We ended up buying 2 Pre-Construction Condos. We had no intentions of buying anything. It was very exciting! They worked with both of us from start to finish. They really know their stuff! We had no idea we would be owners of condos in Florida. It was the best thing that ever happened to us. Garges even completely coordinated the decorating of one of our condos! They still keep in close contact and are a lot of help with even small favors that we need done because we live so far away. They changed our lives. What a really Great Team!

Bob & Chae Kranc, Indiana

We`d like to let everyone know how wonderful an experience we had with Garges and the Purtee team. We had decided that given the improved affordability in Florida real estate, that it was time to purchase a condo. We starting looking online – which is a great tool but there are so many listings and a few pictures and a short description just doesn`t give you enough information. We realized that we needed help. Not knowing anyone in the area, we contacted a few top realtors. The Purtee Team responded promptly and Garges provided a lot of great information and a great attitude, so we chose her, and did not regret it at any point. It was clear that Garges not only knew the area but had specific knowledge of many of the listings that we had identified. She found other listings that met our criteria and took the time to show us everything we wanted to see (and even had the patience to show us a few that she had warned us that we wouldn`t like!). We found our Gulf front condo in a few days of diligent searching and got it for a great price thanks to great negotiating help from Garges. We hoped for a condo that would be move-in ready since we didn`t have the time to do the work ourselves. The condo we found was in great shape in but rather drab. Garges convinced us that she could take care of that – and she did. From getting quality trades people in and finding us great furniture and finishings, we now have a spectacular looking condo! All of this decorating happened in a mere few weeks with us out of the country. We have no hesitation recommending Garges and her team – we`re confident that your expectations will be exceeded as were ours. Thanks, Garges!

Mike & Lise Mahoney, Toronto, ON